Enterprise Fintech Engine

What is Swys.io?

Swys.io is an enterprise all in one fintech engine for managing assets from fiat to crypto for both payment and reward systems.

Getting Started

Register to get access to our API and start building with Swys.io.

What Can Swys.io Do?

Swys Market

Have a platform and would love to accept payments?
Simply open the receive payment section of the dashboard and get a link with instructions on how to use it and users on your marketplace can make crypto payments to you and it hits your CoinCasa account in a short time.

Swys Wallet

Don’t want the hassle of managing digital assets for your organization and would love to integrate one today?
Create a client via the Swys api console and wait for it to be approved, then integrate into your organization, visit our docs on how to use the api’s to manage users assets.